Live export

The mistreatment of animals can only be described as distressing and the health and wellbeing of animals is critical for a sustainable and strong agriculture sector.

When in Government, Labor worked with farmers and industry to establish the strongest live trade and animal standards in the world.  The key element is the Export Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) which monitors and regulates the movement of livestock along the supply chain.

In addition to establishing ESCAS, the former Labor Government also committed to the establishment of a new independent Inspector-General of Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports and established the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee to advise government on standards for sheep and cattle production and livestock transport.

Labor is very disappointed that the Abbott/Turnbull Government has abolished the Australian Welfare Advisory Committee and abandoned Labor’s plans to establish the office of the Inspector-General.

A strong regulatory system is good for animal welfare, good for farmers and good for exporters.

The Government’s unpredictable changes to live export policy and cuts to animal welfare programs should be of concern to the industry and community alike.

Labor will continue to fight any plans to wind-back animal welfare protection put in place while in government.

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